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Don't believe the hype!

Okay, here's some more pictures as promised =)
I've also got a couple of movies, but they don't count because a) I was bored and b) I was in the car with Damian so there's a lot of road noise. I'll put 'em up if anyone wants to check them out. They're about 1.35mb's each, 15 seconds long, 320x240 res. Nothing special, its just what will fit on a floppy disk.

This lot sort of explains what Emma and I got up to last Sunday. (and no there's nothing naughty, you freaks)

Well on Sunday we started by going out for a barbecue at the beach with Mum and Dad (and some other people I don't know). It turned out there was a great big fun day thing on there as well, so the place was packed to the coconuts with people. Lots of great things happening ... ... like Belly Dancers ...
... Bananas in Pyjamas, B1 and B2 ... ... and of course, no big fun family day would be complete with a bad blues band. (Ha ha! Yes I'll have some cheese with those photos, thanks ;)
Here's my Mum. Like any good Australian guy, I love my Mum. She rocks. I couldn't get away from it, here's a shot of Me 'n Em. Em 'n me. Whatever. There's another one hidden away somewhere, but we both look like fools in it. If you really want to see it, you'll figure it out. Ahh, love.
I forgot to add this one in, these Torres Strait Islander Dancers started up just before we left. Great stuff. Incidentally, they're not dancing on the black stuff because its really hot. Here's the local Subway. Home of arguably the best damn fast food here in Mackay. Bit expensive. They looked at me funny and wondered why anyone would want to take a photo of the inside of a Subway food place. (I refuse to call it a restaurant) Seriously, I love this stuff. That and Pinnacle Pot Pies, but thats for another picture, later ... :p
Here's my home town's ANZAC war memorial. It's likely every single town, city and one-pub town in Australian would have one just like it. Every year on the 25th April, everyone gets up really early and marches around the town and then back to the war memorial, laying wreaths and things to remind us of it all. (Lest We Forget ... inscribed upon it). Whats the relevance? I just think its something that is pretty much uniquely Australian. These things fascinate me. (But then, I've always been a sucker for history ... modern and ancient). And here is my home town's dubious "landmark" (the town's name is Sarina, btw). This is a cane toad. It's a pest. Not something to enshrine. There's gotta be something better to symbolise our local sugar industry by than a bloody cane toad. Also notice how its chained down? No, its not to stop it from hopping away (Shhh! we also don't test cosmetics on it), its to stop drunken meatheads from doing all sorts of things to it, but mostly just rolling it over.

That should do for now. I've got another three pictures from the MAD LAN I went to on Sunday.


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Aug. 30th, 2001 09:14 pm (UTC)
At least it's not like Rockhampton, what with all the bull ball bags they replace each year. ;P
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Steve P

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