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Pain in the ass

Disinfection is going well, but slowly. Teachers aren't as annoyed as they might usually be, because this happened right on the eve of school holidays.

It's really gotten to me that I've had to spend two days trying to remove this damn worm.

I initially had doubts that the program from Central Command would actually get rid of it completely. It didn't look like it would. When I put it on a "heavily" infected machine it seemed to remove all traces of it though, so I suppose its trustworthy.

I currently have all PC's in the school powered down, and going to each one, powering it up, running the d&c (detect & clean) program (plus a quick AV scan afterwards), then powering the machine down again. I've also isolated the lab from the rest of the school. These measures are probably overkill, but I specifically tried not to do overkill yesterday and it got me nowhere.


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Sep. 20th, 2001 08:58 pm (UTC)
quiet you..
my computer is in pieces because of that virus..
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Steve P

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