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Yada yada yada

So, it just took me the better part of three hours to catch up on the last two days of livejournal entries.

I have less than 30 "friends" in my friends list. Liz has over 200. How the hell do you keep up Liz? Do you do a lot of skimming or something? You can't possibly read every single entry!

So anyway, I got back tonight at 7pm, got home at 8. The Seinfeld marathon didn't start till 7pm, but I forewarned Greg and he'd already started taping. On the way home and also tonight I finished reading Sean William's The Resurrected Man. What a fantastic book. Comes under the same genre as the last book of his I read (Metal Fatigue).

(Duncan, I am keen to read Area 7. I've read the previous book of his, Ice Station, and was very impressed with it. Would love to read Temple as well. I just can't really afford to buy either right now ... getting a recent release from the public library is difficult too)

Had a quick look at the MAD LAN. Wouldn't mind getting the four socketed War Staff Cara picked up while I was watching her play; other than that, I couldn't care less. I have other things to do today/tonight.


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Sep. 28th, 2001 02:54 pm (UTC)
Hrm, the MAD LAN was yesterday? Oh well, what a pity, I thought it'd be on the weekend. :p
I'm going to be lazy and see if I can't pick up a Matthew Reilly book from the library today, but they'll probably be out again, they always are.

It's a sad state of affairs when you're using people for their Socketed War Staff. ;P
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Steve P

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