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Outwit, outlast, outplay

I have a great idea for Survivor IV.

Survivor IV: Siberia

Now that's a Survivor series worth watching. Imagine the tribal council at the end of each show? They'd be lighting flames, instead of snuffing them out.

I can see the dilemmas already:

Narrator: ... and Huski camp hit a snag today when they realised that the rice tin was frozen shut. After five hours of intense debate, the men finally caved in: in a desperate bid to get some sort of non-water sustenance, they would now attempt to urinate on the tin in order to unseal it.

As you can see, the attempt failed miserably, with the urine freezing mid-air.

Bwahahahaha. Ha! Ha! Heh. ha. *cough* Yes oh well anyway.


Steve P
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