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Ho ho ho

[20:59] Zanethian: hahaha, funny story: Devery often swears in class, and uses the swearing to enforce points that we should really take note of, eg: "It was easier for Augustus to tell the public that his daughter was a fucking slut, and that she was not a treacherous bitch" and "Athens was a shithole, so Pericles decided to spruce things up a bit". on our trial HSC worth 40%, a total of 8 different devery quotes were used as sources....

[20:59] Zanethian: And four people answered the wrong questions, hell, one person even answered the wrong fucking time period.
[21:00] Xian: lol
[21:00] Xian: damn fools
[21:01] Zanethian: Today in optional class.
Devery: Ok, THESE are the FUCKING questions you are going to answer, i dont care what you saw on the discovery channel last night, answer these question numbers and ONLY these questions numbers. And if ANYONE quotes me, i will fucking castrate you, I will know too, because if anyone quotes a HSC marker, the quote gets put on a notice board.
[21:01] Xian: ROFL
[21:15] Zanethian: Devery is the fucking coolest teacher i've ever had.

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and this:
[21:58] Zanethian: hahaha, that just reminded me of something pretty funny :)
Benny wrote on all of his IPT (computers) exam papers "Squid Proxy" as the name. On the yearly report, the comment was that he has an unhealthy facination with network protocols.


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Oct. 15th, 2001 04:53 am (UTC)

He sounds a bit like Dennis Leary. :)
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Steve P

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