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As always, I learned something new today (computer new, not just in general).

When you change the option in the BIOS "Plug n play OS?" to Yes, it won't detect the PCI network card. Sure, Windows and Linux and all those fancy OS'es have no trouble detecting the PCI network card anyway - thats the whole point of it.

But DOS can't.

Ghost CE network boot disks need this optoin ("Plug n play OS?") set to No, so that the BIOS will detect the PCI network card, so that IBM PC DOS and friends realise that, hey, there IS a network card there.

It took me a while to figure out that it wasn't detecting the network card, mainly because the NDIS2 and packet drivers were being loaded, but were showing the MAC address as "FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF" and the IRQ as "0xFF".

So once I got that problem out of the way, then came the next one: trying to get a single computer set up the way the manual was describing. Great manual for Ghost, btw. I'm not kidding, its really comprehensive, easy to read. If it were contained in linux somewhere it'd be a man page, for sure. They could have explained some concepts a bit better though.

Now that I've got the general gist of how Ghost (corporate server-client edition) REALLY works, rolling it out shouldn't be too much hassle next week. I may even be able to show my boss how to use it =)

Interestingly enough, the BOFH's in Brisbane (they control the Internet for every state school in Queensland ... which is a lot of schools) decided to cut access to the 'net today. What was even more annoying was it mysteriously got turned back on at 3:30pm in the afternoon ... Heh.


Steve P
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