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[14:37] Xian@Work: i had a monitor blow up yesterday
[14:37] Chimera: now that's some cool stuff :)
[14:41] Xian@Work: yeah man, when turning it on, the screen would flash then it would go black
[14:41] Xian@Work: so I was like
[14:41] Xian@Work: (naturally)
[14:41] Xian@Work: clickaclickaclickaclickaclickaclicka
[14:41] Xian@Work: *KABOOM*
[14:41] Chimera: hehehehehe :)
[14:42] Xian@Work: both the teacher and I jumped, then sat there pretending like this happened ALL the time
[14:42] Xian@Work: "This monitors stuffed, I think." (that was me)
[14:42] Xian@Work: "Reeeeeally."
[14:42] Xian@Work: "Yeah, I'll go get you another one."


Steve P
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