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I will eat your soul

Great big birthday hugs for cougar, one of my best friends in the whole wide world. (Sunday) Hope you had a great day buddy.

I've been mostly working my butt off all week ... Friday night went out drinking with a couple of guys, that was awesome fun. Saturday night was an impromptu LAN at Darryl's house, even though it was his 22nd anniversary.

Yesterday I got the Iomega Buz tv tuner thing working in my machine. The overlay mode doesn't work, but I can still record just fine through it. I finally got the Cibo Matto - Sugar Water clip finalised, and I also managed to get another one done (Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy). There's a third one I was going to do last night (Sum41 - Phat Lip; I love the little ditty at the start) but I couldn't tell where the end of the song was, so I'll have to shuttle through the tape again to find it.

I'll be starting in on the Seinfeld episodes either tonight or tomorrow; I might just record a couple episodes and encode them while I'm at home.

I've watched a couple more movies in the last couple of weeks. The Princess Diaries, which was pretty good, and Memento, which I'm going to have to watch again, several times over. Very very good film.

I've also been reading the Evergence trilogy by Sean Williams and Shane Dix. Sean Williams is now my second favourite Sci-fi author, after Isaac Asimov.

As of right now I am sick with a head cold. It started Saturday night, developed Sunday and today is in full swing. Urggghhh. I hate head colds. What are you taking to get over yours Bubbie? Last night, as I expected, I tossed and turned the entire night.


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Nov. 5th, 2001 11:30 pm (UTC)
aphex twin - come to daddy....

now there's a twisted video clip!!!!

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Steve P

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