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"Awwww", presents, hardware, LANnage.

My cat has taken to sleeping on my monitor now, which is just gorgeous, although I don't feel like an evil villain intent on world domination now that she's not sleeping in my arms anymore.

I bought my presents for my girlfriend and her brother from wishlist.com.au, where my best friend works as SysAd. I got her brother the album "Gomez - Liquid Skin". I feel slightly cheated. I hope he lets me MP3 it.

I'm not sure if my girlfriend will like what I bought for her. I was originally going to buy her some foot lotion, as she works a lot and always likes to have something nice to rub into her feet. But, um, I couldn't afford to get that AND the other presents (NB: She demanded to be given more than her brother, for some reason). So, I ditched the foot balm, and got her an "Eye pillow" ... you know, one of those things you put on your eyes when you go to sleep. I also got her one of those funky russian-esque furry hat things. I really hope she likes them; I'm about as useful as an ultra thin condom on John Holmes when it comes to shopping for women.

I can't wait to get all my new equipment. I want to take lots of digital pictures and stuff. Also looked at RazorTM scooters the other day. They look neat, but expensive.

The lan party this Saturday night is looking good. I finally got admin rights on the messageboard, so I fixed the time on it (as well as some spelling errors; XiN may be great at organising things and talking things up, but he still can't spell :/). We also had a meeting tonight, so I posted lots of interesting stuff from the meeting.

I'm still kinda cut I had to pay for pizza's tonight. You all know I'm a tight-wad uni student. Someone else had better be paying next time..


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Aug. 9th, 2000 07:49 am (UTC)
I'll bring some cash, next time. Also, get Nick to lean on Grig a little... Get him to cough up a bit for his share. It might cut down on attendance for the subsequent meetings. I reckon that's a big reason people turn up. *snicker*

I like the hat, though. That sounds super-cool. If she doesn't like it, I'll go to Emerald poisonally, and rub her out.

Oh, and I've downloaded about five unfinished and one or two finished impromanga, but I think I'll post about them. They're cool.
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Steve P

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