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Can't let you roam inside my head

So the Buz seem to screw up big time just as I was about to start in on the Seinfeld episodes ... again. (Well last time it wasn't the Buz, but it's still annoying)

This time it just started dropping frames, with a ratio of about 2:1. As far as I can tell, its the Buz (I finally traced the sporadic problems with my hard drive to a defective power rail). All I can do is reinstall the Buz and hope for the best.

Locked the keys in my car today; previously to this I have had a spare key in my wallet, because of the regularity of this scenario. Damian had the spare key. Hehe.

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Sitting here, tired, drinking softdrink (lime fanta), chatting and doing general Internet stuff reminds me a little too much of a previous life I used to have. Or still have? I just can't tell the difference these days.

The ice stockpile has long since melted; the tissue pile is growing, every song I listen to is not the one I want to listen to ...

Emma's going to call soon. I'm going to see her again this weekend.


Steve P
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