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I've still got a nagging cough from the head cold I had last week, but I'm finally returning to normal now.

Emerald was great, again. We went out Friday night. I'm surprised I didn't have an epileptic fit at one club, where they had a strobe on for about a minute at a time, for about 10 minutes.

Over the course of the four days (Friday - Tuesday) I watched seven movies:

  • Love and Sex (great Harry-met-Sally-esque romantic comedy)

  • Lost Soul (Winona Ryder plays scared little girl vs the Devil reincarnate; not that great)

  • Double Whammy (Denis Leary and Liz Hurley. Never gets off the ground)

  • Nurse Betty (Um. Good, not really funny though)

  • 3000 Miles to Graceland (very good action-type film, not too many Elvis one-liners)

  • Dracula 2001 (Wes Craven's. A cut above the average b-grade schlock horror. Nice take on the supposed origins of vampires/Dracula

  • Entrapment (Ugh. A-grade schlock)

Also ripped a bunch of CD's while I was there; everything they had by Marilyn Manson, another Endorphin CD (Embrace), Karma by Delerium, and Gorillaz' album. Missed out on ripping Garbage' new album, Beautiful. Maybe next time.


Steve P
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