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It just gets better and better ...

[16:58] Xian: pick up a guy and do it tandem :p
[17:00] Paris: yuck!!
[17:00] Paris: i'd only share with matty hahah
[17:00] Xian: ROFL
[17:00] Paris: he gets slops though.
[17:00] Xian: see who can jizz the furthest
[17:01] Xian: just kidding :p
[17:01] Xian: get out like a nikko and make a mark on her left tit "you gotta get past there"
[17:01] Xian: farken poor chick comes out with nikko all up her neck and over her face
[17:02] Paris: hahahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa ahh fucking kakking myself stupid here haha
[17:02] Xian: LOL get out the measuring tape
[17:03] Paris: you mean the blackboard ruler?!
[17:03] Paris: hahah
[17:10] Xian: yeah man and the big finish is when she gets up and slaps you both for jizzing on her :p


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Nov. 19th, 2001 07:32 am (UTC)
I can't believe you used my name!
Oh my GOD! I can't believe you used my name! Far out! Oh well it doesn't worry me anyways. Still makes me laugh.
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Steve P

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