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Yeah, so figured out a couple of things today. First was more of a re-realisation.

Its more or less the way I categorise everything, including friends. Categories include, but are not limited to (and in no particular order):
  • Associates (people to talk tech with; I can trust these people with my possessions)

  • Acquaintances (talk to them occasionally; usually conversation from either side means one or the other wants something. Cannot be trusted)

  • Close friends (people I trust with some personal knowledge and my possessions)

  • Really close friends (people that I can trust with all the best and juiciest secrets of mine)

  • Work associates (Work people; their attitude towards me is "Hi Stephen. Oh, you're a computer guy, huh? Hey, I've got a computer at home, and it has this problem ...")

Most of the people I know can reliably fit into one of the above categories. I dread the day when a different metaphor for using computers takes over; then I won't have to organise my files and folders any more! Wahhh!

Also, and completely unrelated, there has been this teacher-aide at this school who has, within the last couple of months, started trying to talk to me when she bumps into me all the time. No, this is a different one from the one mentioned previously. This one is 30+, and she has a great body. She likes to flaunt it, so I decided to just test my theory that a 30 year old woman could possibly be interested in me. I don't even know if it could even be considered a test, but hey, it proved something.

I simply walked past her with my back to her; as in she was facing forward reading a book to some kid, and I walked past facing the same direction. Walking briskly, I figured she wouldn't try to bail me up for a conversation, with that sort of body language anyway. She did. So she's either being super-friendly or she has a deeper interest.

I don't really care what the situation is either way, but now that makes two people who are interested in me, and not what I can do for their stuffed computer at work (or home). Thats right, there are people that care in this world.

(And no, it has nothing to do with the previous entry)


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Nov. 22nd, 2001 12:47 pm (UTC)
no groups for people older 30 eh :P
Hey, where do I fit in there?
You have no catagory for people you've never met irl who like you, but don't know you that well, but who also don't want something from you :P

Maybe I'd kinda come under aquaintence.

I'm feeling all left out :P

By the way 30 aint that old!!!!!
Ack, I'm 31 now and my bf is *cough*23*cough*
But technically he's the cradle snatcher cos my dad always said I acted like a 2 year old ;)
You'd be.... about 22 wouldn't you?
*interested look*

Nov. 22nd, 2001 01:15 pm (UTC)
Re: no groups for people older 30 eh :P
You would come under close friend Cheryl =)

And I never said 30 was old =)
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