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Nothing can be too clever .... for you!

Back in the day (our time in the sun), it was kinda cool that I was respected. I was a nice guy who would fix anyone's computer at a LAN. Not only would I attempt to fix it, but I would actually go out of my way to make sure those keen gamers would get around to gaming.

If you had a problem with your PC, you asked Steve, because you knew he would do whatever he could in his power to find out what the problem was and fix it.

Obviously after a while I got sick of doing this. When it all started to wind down and the shadows started to climb, I was probably one of the few who really, really appreciated being able to go to a LAN and not have several people hit you up for help on configuring their system or getting the latest game to work.

Compared to the shit I'm doing now, I am starting to miss have people call on me for help. Last weekend Darryl was busy so I fixed his friend Don's computers for him. And I realised then why I kept coming back and doing so much for people for so long (and continue to); its because in general, when I solve a problem for them, they are extraordinarily grateful.

Not everyone is grateful. But a lot of people are. Gratitude is the one and only reason. You can't deny that having someone say, "Steve, you're a fucking legend, thanks a bunch man" (even though you've just told their computer to use DHCP instead of use a wrongly assigned static IP) gives you a bit of a buzz.


Steve P
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