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The deer in you

Emma left yesterday. I miss her so much already.

We had some problems, over the weekend trip to Townsville. Sunday night after we got back, we sorted them out. In the spa. I can't think of a better place to sort out your relationship problems than a spa. Bwahahaha. And no, we didn't have sex in there, you disgusting morons.

The trip to Townsville was, as far as I could tell, a complete waste of time, and money. We went up for Trina's birthday. Trina, being the self-centred person she is, couldn't have cared less that we came to see her. (We knew this is the way she would be before we left, but we went anyway)

So we bought some drinks, went round to this place with lots of people, drank some and then went out. Emma developed a mini-migraine about an hour into it; Trina dragged her off for a chick chat and left me with five wannabe characters straight out of Clueless. We ended up just leaving early, sleeping for about 12 hours and then we went back around to the place, picked up our stuff and someone else who needed a lift back to Mackay, and left.

Emma also dented the rear bumper of her car on a rock edging in the car park. The dent popped back out anyway as it was fibreglass, but there's still a good half-dozen scratches in the paintwork.

Monday definitely made up for the weekend; seeing as how we had both just sorted out some major problems between us we were pretty buoyant. We were supposed to be Christmas shopping, although I only ended up buying one present. I bought myself a couple new pairs of pants and some other underwear type things (badly needed) and a container for spaghetti (also badly needed). Bought Emma the Robbie Williams CD Sing while you're winning, as well as the Gerling CD for myself, the CD single Fat Lip by Sum41 (for the sticker) and also the EP by 28 Days and Apollo 440 (because I haven't been able to find it on the net).

The day was topped off by going and watching Harry Potter. Yay!


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Dec. 5th, 2001 12:34 am (UTC)
Pity about the car :(
Dec. 5th, 2001 05:40 am (UTC)
Yay to sorting out problems in a spa!

Let me emphasize that correctly.


You may all return to your regular viewing now.
Dec. 5th, 2001 08:30 pm (UTC)
Ok yes it's clear you were in a spa, so why exactly didn't you have sex???

I mean hello - how perfect would that have made the moment and even more exciting if it was in public. :D

Bah, some ppl have all the luck.

Glad to know you got things all sorted out tho :)
Dec. 5th, 2001 10:17 pm (UTC)
Bahaha, the spa is at my parents house. I can have a spa whenever I want :p If you go back through my journal you'll find a picture of it somewhere.

We didn't have sex in the spa, because its extraordinarily messy. And it would have made the moment cheesy; it would have felt forced after the seriousness of our discussion.

Changing the scenery is like an emotional cue. Its like, okay thats the end of focussing on that emotion, now lets focus on this one.
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