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G-house project

Okay, had a week out in Emerald. Great stuff, did nothing in the way of looking for jobs (well, sort of).

Emma's old man Tim gave me a contact and said "ring this person", as in "ring him, because I know him and he will give you a job". So yeah, 4 days after I got the contact, I have finally gotten in contact with this guy. Hopefully it pans out into something good.

Friday morning last week I got up at 5am and left Emerald by 5:20am; I got into Mackay by 9am. Did some wrapping and some other last minute shopping, then went for my appointment at Centrelink, which sort of bombed.

After that I went round to Darryl's and hassled Damian, after which we went and got some alcohol and movies and watched them till late. Mum had previously told me to be home by 4am, as thats when we were leaving.

I got two hours sleep and zoomed home, probably stiil over the limit (but it was 3:30am ... not many cops dedicated enough to be out at that hour). Get home at 4 ... nobody is up. Okay, I guess they'll be up in a sec. I left my wallet in Mackay (doh!) so I wrote a quick note and left on the one hour round trip to get it. I got back by 5am, still nobody up.

Okaaaay. I guess we're not leaving by 4am, and knowing my parents, any time soon.

6:30am Dad gets up and I quiz him. No, we're not planning on leaving till about 8am, and we're staying overnight halfway down. Thanks for telling me, I could have gotten more than two hours sleep.

The drive down wasn't anything special. Sunday I drove the rest of the way; arguments broke out because I passed a cheap petrol station, and because I missed the exit for the Gateway M1.

Went for a shoot with my Brother Sunday afternoon (yesterday). We shot 200 .40 cal rounds out of his new Para-Ordnance P16-40 (handgun).

I also got to have a go at the pump action shotgun. Let me say that again:


Hehehe. Lots and lots of fun. Sore shoulder today.

Today we're fucking around with Brendon's computer, I'm about to unlock his Duron, so we can get it up to a more respectable speed.

I will try to keep this updated as often as possible, however I don't have much net access over the next few weeks so don't expect a whole lot.


Steve P
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