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Hmm, maybe I should have taken out insomnia above ;) In any case, I've -finally- finished packing all 4500+ of my M:tG cards. I took them upstairs and weighed them (making sure the scales were as accurate as possible first) and they weighed in at around 10kg.

If you hadn't already noticed, its past 8am. Which means I still haven't gone to bed yet. I'm only just now starting to get tired ... talk about insomnia. Anyway, I might go have a small nap soon - I can't have a full length sleep, otherwise I'll get UP at some ridiculous hour as well - like 8 or 9 pm. Which is not good - I want to be in bed by 3 or 4 am at the latest, providing I have nothing more important or pressing to do (unfortunately, I really do).

I checked on the Australia Post website to find out approximately how much it would cost to send my cards to the soon-to-be new owner.

In one word: EEK!

Its going to cost me around $32 AUD to send my cards. So in the end, I'll only be getting $300 anyway for the cards.

Ah well, shit happens I guess. At least I'm rid of them, and I have some more desk space. Besides, Nova was getting annoyed that I wouldn't let her on the desk. Actually, she nearly pissed on the desk before ... no idea why, but she suddenly started making the "Okay I'm digging my hole to go to the toilet in" motions on the desk, then proceeded to squat to take a piss. At this point, I stepped in and quickly removed her from the desk. She simply looked up at me from the ground and licked her chops.

Evil, I tell you, evil. She will be a killer someday. I know it.

Anyway. I really should be doing my assignments. This is the end of Week 2 (yes, that capitalisation was intended) and one of my major assignments is due in Week 5. I haven't started it yet. Well, I guess I do need to have the money continue to roll in while I'm not at work (its public school holidays; I work as a "Casual Computer Assistant" at the local primary school. That job title greatly underestimates what I do there. I look after every computer bar the ones in the office. Sheesh. Computer Assistant my ass. Who the hell am I assisting? The computer? Bah. I should ask for a raise, except its a public school. They're always hard up for funds. At least there's been a focus of late on the IT part of public schools -grin-) otherwise bills will start to stack up.

My assignments that I must work on:
* Research assignment on ethics in IT
* Access assignment, basically formulating some intermediate SQL queries, and designing a form.
* Assignment on networking stuff. Dead easy, copy out of textbook style assignment. Requires minimal research.

The first two require a log book to be written, and I haven't started one on either yet. Looks like I'll have to backtrack a little (in my mind at least) when I do write them ...

As I said, shit happens. Looks like I will probably be starting the first two very very soon, hopefully tonight or tomorrow sometime.


Steve P
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