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Fa deodorant smells like bug spray

Massive update time, I'm at my brothers new place at the moment, he is drilling big holes in the floor for some strange reason. Its likely I won't have Internet access for a while out at Emerald, because as soon as we are back (Wednesday night) we will be in our new place.

We left Saturday night from Emerald, and we stayed at a friend's place (Ian) in Yeppoon. On Sunday we drove the rest of the way down to Brisbane and somehow found our way over to the Gabba (sporting grounds) without a road map (we call it a Refidex or UBD hehe), where my brother Brendon was working as security. It was his birthday so we surprised him there; he gave us a tour of all the corporate boxes which was pretty cool.

After that we met up with Nickie, one of Emma's friends from Emerald, who lives just five minutes north of the city (she is looking for a good flatmate!! $80 a week :p).

Monday we went shopping, I got myself a new business type outfit (to wear to the wedding and also to work later), white pants, deep blue shirt and a deep yellow tie. I think Emma got some new shoes for the wedding too. We met up with Emma's cousin Matt, who was just about to leave and do some CHOGM security work.

Tuesday we flew down to Hobart ... first to Melbourne, and an hour between flights then down to Hobart. Ben and Erica (the people getting hitched) were there to pick us up. I'd been forewarned that it would be really chilly but when we got in it was pretty comfortable weather; there was a chill wind but that was about it.

Our trip around Tasmania and the wedding will take up another entry completely, but there was one really important event that happened while I was down there.

<horizontal rule>

Well to put it bluntly my Mum rang me up (ha ha coincidently I was on my way to the Savoy Baths in Hobart to enjoy a relaxing bath) to tell me she had left Dad, had cleaned our house out in Sarina of just about everything and that she was filing for divorce. So yeah after the very relaxing baths I had to ring around to make sure nobody was going psycho or anything. Obviously my parents didn't really want me to know while I was on my holiday but then, I completely forgot about it until we touched down in Brisbane yesterday.

At the moment I'm just trying really hard not to take sides and at the same time be supportive of both Mum and Dad. I can only imagine how devastated Dad must have been when he walked into the house to find nothing. I've talked to Mum and she had her reasons for doing it, although I think a lot of our family on both sides have changed their opinion of Mum since.

So much stuff has happened!! It's just way too much to write in one entry ... so I'll write another later, probably when I am back home (in Emerald), all about my trip around Tasmania. Its probably not as interesting as it is in my mind but I'll tell it anyway because after all this is my journal and I look back on this stuff all the time =)


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Mar. 3rd, 2002 08:35 pm (UTC)
Fa deodorant is Swedish. 'Nuff said.

I knew there was a reason I wasn't calling you on the mobile. :p Although I think I'm gonna get one soon, I have to make a list of things I want to get in the near future.

Hum. Tough luck on the parents front. Hope things don't get too messy.

Nickie? *grins*
Mar. 7th, 2002 03:03 pm (UTC)
Yeah we won't have a land line at our place for a little while, not until we get on our feet financially anyway.

We have a list of stuff to buy a mile long, but hopefully I'll still be able to get my monitor sometime in the next couple of months.

As for the parents, well strangely enough I am finding it difficult to summon any emotion about it other than light concern (as you might for some people you barely know). Dad is keen to come out and stay with Emma and I, and to go out on the town and get pissed. I don't think it'll be as bad as it sounds.

Ha ha actually Nickie was commenting to me about how all the guys that she has email contact with reply with short emails. I mentioned that she should try emailing you, because IIRC you are a bit different in that regard.

I think she's the sort of person who prefers to stay single.
Mar. 7th, 2002 03:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'll just have to bite the bullet and buy that mobile I'm always telling myself I'll get. Maybe that way I'll be able to talk to a few people I've been meaning to. ;P

I think I can identify with your reaction to your parents. I think I'd be pretty much the same way in similar circumstances. There's not really anything to say about it. ;) Well, except that you should make sure your dad doesn't go overboard with the booze. :p

And re Nickie? Well, good, cos I'm the sort of person that prefers to stay single too. This week. :p
Mar. 11th, 2002 01:57 am (UTC)
You've been pretty much living seperate from them for at least a year and now you've moved out from Emerald. Plus given what you said to me about your parents, I can understand why you dont really feel much. I hope you remain on good terms with both your parents...

But you still have my sympathy and condolences anyway. Good luck with Emma, in Emerald, I know you'll have a blast with her and your father (if he moves in).
Mar. 11th, 2002 04:18 pm (UTC)
Re: X-(
Err umm haha. Yeah no Dad is NOT going to move in with Emma and I. Just so you know.

Thanks =)
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