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I found the world something to do

Okay, trip around Tassie.

Wish I had a map to point at so anyone reading this understands what I'm talking about.

Anyway we landed on the Tuesday (26/02) in Hobart, and were duly picked up by the couple-to-be (Erica and Ben).

Tuesday night we had dinner at Erica's parents place. They are awesome parents. Wednesday morning we stole Erica & Ben's car (Hyundai Accent) and drove up to Launceston, stopping at a few scenice places along the way for snapshots. Haha, to put things into perspective, it took us just over two hours to drive there. Tasmania is NOT a big place, but there is still tons to look at.

Emma showed me where she used to live, then Punchbowl Reserve, and finally Cataract Gorge. We picked up a Tasmania refidex/UBD, had some lunch and continued on eastwards towards St. Helens. Oh yeah. Launceston has a suburb called Killafaddy. About the only thing in it is an abbatoir. I joke not. Its in the refidex.

I don't think we stopped much along the road to St. Helens, and we also didn't stop at St. Helens. Maybe for drinks and gum, but thats about it. We then turned south and followed the east coast down, to "Auntie Gay and Uncle Leon's" place just south of Scamander. We stayed there for dinner, then moved on to St. Mary's, where Emma lived for most of primary and some of high school I think. We stayed overnight there with some old friends, who had a beautiful house made of Tasmanian timber (mostly Myrtle).

We visited all of Emma's old neighbours, one of whom lives here. More beautiful old houses.

Thursday was basically more driving; through the passes down through Bicheno and a bunch of other small towns that I can't remember. Lots of memories for Emma though.

Thursday night we got back to Hobart; Friday we went to Port Arthur, which was pretty interesting. I think we wasted a whole roll of film out there. Friday night we stayed up late folding Order of Service things for Erica & Ben's wedding.

Saturday was the wedding; we got to drive the Mini to it. Mini's rock. Maybe some photo's later when we get the film developed. Met an awesome guy by the name of Adam Galloway, from Melbourne. Sunday we got up early and jetted back to Brisbane.

And thats pretty much it :p


Steve P
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